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Welcome to Stacey Fowler Creations the brainchild of Stacey Fowler. A Jamaican single mother who faced many struggling times. She was homeless for some years and unable to send her daughter to school for an entire year. During that time, she cried and prayed to God to show her the way to a better life.

Along her journey to a better life, she discovered her artistic skills, teaching and graphic designing. Stacey, has always loved technology and the pandemic showed her how to utilize her skills to start various online money-making ventures after she found herself in a situation of being unable to pay her bills which resulted in her begging her friends for help. This made her very sad. God told her to sell wall portraits as she prayed for a way out of that dilemma. She started doing so as downloadable canvases. You can take a look at the first set of wall portraits she created in the video below.


The idea of a website was conceptualized after customers shared their opinion that they preferred a finished product. They did not have the time to print and also source frames for the portraits. Thus “Stacey Fowler Creations” was created.

After the creation of the website; Ms. Fowler decided to have a clothing line to encourage other individuals who have faced similar atrocities as she has in life. Watch the video below and you will know what were some of those atrocities.



Stacey Fowler fell in love with the idea of having a variety store which is exactly what she turned her website into. She single-handedly designed the website, initially she created all the products, wrote the quotes and drew all the arts for the different types of canvasses before she started selling other manufacturers products.

The reasons behind the designs and launch of the website are clearly stated in our mission statement: “To always create products from the heart to touch other hearts and lives.”

Ms. Fowler has since launched the following:
V logger(YouTube) - Stacey Fowler Creations and How To Guides By Stacey Fowler  
Blogger – http://staetyfowlercreations.com/blog
Teacher – Aunty Stacey All Stars Learning Centre

Stacey Fowler's favourite quotes are "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and "Persistence let you achieve and consistency let you improve(Stacey Fowler)".

She hopes to encourage others to go for their dreams, change their lives and create generational wealth. Ms. Fowler says: "Motivation can be found anywhere the key is just to look for it."

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