How To Help Prevent COVID-19

How To Help Prevent COVID-19

Product Review: The Affordable Organic Powder That You Need To Help You Achieve Better Health!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals have started using this organic powder or its plant.

This product is one that scientists say has many health benefits. According to the website WebMD, this tea can aid in boosting the immune system. assist in the prevention and slowing down of cancer cells, helps to prevent brain damage and aid with skin health.

Yes, I know you are anxious to know the product I am speaking of and I will share it with you in a bit. I must be honest to tell you that I never liked the taste of it; until I discovered that many Covid-19 patients used it as one of their key ingredients in their daily intake of tea. Now, I have suddenly forgotten that I did not like the taste of it. 😆

Okay, I know your sip of interest is running out of patience and you want the name of the product I am speaking about. Well, my dear reader, I am talking about turmeric and to be more specific Jiva Organic Turmeric Powder

Why I Love This Brand?
Definitely, the price and size of the product make it an excellent choice and the quality is superb. I purchase my bottle of Jiva Organic Turmeric Powder a year ago and I still have a quarter container of the turmeric remaining; regardless, of my regular usage of the product. I paid less than $10 U.S. dollars for it and please take into consideration that I live in Jamaica. Our dollar depreciates a lot against the U.S. dollar.
How Have I Tested This Organic Turmeric Powder?
I use it to make tea almost every day. I have lost loved ones to Covid-19 like so many other individuals around the world. I believe we should take all the necessary precautions to help to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and also to aid in whatever way we can to prevent us from catching the virus. I choose to add healthier things to my diet. I hope you will join me and do the same. Simple life changes like having a cup of tea can lead to great improvement in our health.
Pros and Cons
Amazon ships to most countries but if you are like me, living in a country where it is very expensive to ship things, then, sign up with a shipping company and ship as many things as you can afford at once. I always try to purchase things that are of the best quality, cost-effective and that will last me a long time. The Jiva Organic Turmeric Powder fits perfectly into that description.
The Final Sip Of This Tea
I never liked turmeric but I find this brand is easy on my taste bud and gives my tea a rich flavour. I must admit that the link for this product is an affiliate link; however, I chose to review this product because I actually use it; I have also shared it with family and friends who share similar sentiments about the product. If you have not clicked on the link for the product before, I am going to kindly ask that you do so now Jiva Organic Turmeric Powder.
Below is a video of me making my turmeric tea. I did not add any honey to mine, but you can add honey to yours if you so desire.
Please leave a comment below, and share your experience if you have used this product before.
***Please note this post is for information purposes and should not take precedence over the advice from your medical practitioner. Also, seek advice from your medical practitioner before trying any products.


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