How To Create A Video With Pictures

How To Create A Video With Pictures

We all have some great pictures that we would love to make a video with. The problem is to find a great app that we do not have to crop our photos to use, not to mention, we need the app to be free as well.

I guess you have tried a couple of apps that are either difficult to use or they are not free to be used. Can I ask you a question? Thank you for saying yes! Do that dance you do when you are excited about something. Come on now. just do it, you will not regret it. Okay, you want to know why you should do the dance? Pretty simple, I know the perfect app for you to use.

The app that you can use to make a video with your pictures is InShot. If you have not seen my post about using InShot to time-lapse a video, then, you can take a look at the post by clicking on this link.

Using InShot is easy as uploading your pictures to the app, you can select the duration that each photo will be shown, you can add text or sound even do voiceover when you create your video. This tutorial only shows how to make the video using your pictures, if you need additional assistance please leave me a comment below.

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