How To Time-lapse Your Videos For TikTok YouTube FaceBook Instagram

How To Time-lapse Your Videos For TikTok YouTube FaceBook Instagram

You have joined the fast-growing social media sensational platform TikTok but you have a problem. Maybe you just want to post a Reel on Instagram or shorts on YouTube but your videos are too long.

You have been searching the internet for an easy and free app to help you. OMG! You have only found a headache that makes you feel to pluck some of your hairs from your head. Well, calm down, take a deep breath the search is over. I will provide you with an easy app to use. Best of all, I am going to show you how to make a video that is over ten minutes long time-lapse to even a few seconds or a minute and still looks great for free.

I was once like you, and I got so disheartened until I found the app I am going to share with you. To use this app comfortably you do not have to be tech-savvy. Remember, I told you; "I've got you covered when it comes to time lapsing videos!"

So, let us get down to the meat of the matter that brought you to my blog. Drum rolls, please! Oh, yeah! The app that you can use for free is InShot. You can download this app from your Playstore on your device or click on the link below to down it InShot

Click this link if you want to learn how to add time to your text in TikTok videos

After you have downloaded the app, then, watch the video below and follow all the steps to time-lapse your videos. It is important to note time-lapse does change the audio of your videos.



If you have any questions or if you found the information helpful, please, leave me a comment below. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



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